7 Steps To Get Brunch Ready in 7 Minutes!


Love how you don’t need too many things to accomplish a look. ?

Astgik April 27, 2017

I love your work and style. Love this information. Wanna try minimalist so much. Love from india???

Devika April 27, 2017

I love your work and style. Love this information. Wanna try minimalist so much. Love from india???

Devika April 27, 2017

THE MINIMALIST IS EVERYTHING!!!!! Lilit, all your products are amazing, I can not wait for what you have in store for us! You are such an inspiration, and an excellent artist, i LOVE YOU, AND LOVE YOUR WORK!

Laura Novo April 27, 2017

I love these tips! Elcie cosmetics is truly an amazing brand! From the foundation to flow enhancer and pearl radiance primer! Haven’t tried the palette yet. I love to embrace my natural beauty and with each product I can create any natural look I want. I got so excited when I see that there will be new products launching! I can truly trust Elcie cosmetics in creating the most perfect products! Being acne prone and sensitive skin it’s hard to find the right makeup, but with Elcie my skin loves all the products! Thank you so much Lilit for creating amazing products :)

Maria Sanchez April 27, 2017

Minimal yet perfection. Perfection I not also as complicated as it seems! Love your workshops Elcie you continue to be an inspiration and aspiration to us all!

Leah April 27, 2017

Im in love with this Minimalist Palette,with those colors you can create so many looks from smokey to nude,no makeup look or every day look this palette fits every where.

Momina April 27, 2017

the look you did on snapchat today was so pretty and bronzy! fell in love, maybe i’ll convince my mom to go to brunch this weekend, since my dad’s out of town!

Alissa Perez April 26, 2017

Love it! I admire all your work❤️ I’ve learned so much from watching your tutorials, I’ve had hard time doing my makeup but you make everything look so easy and amazing and from watching your tutorials i feel confident doing my makeup and i enjoy it. Thank you ??

Wedad April 26, 2017

Estoy perdidamente fascinada con todas las tecnicas tan sencillas que muestra para un look hermoso y sencillo. Me encantan todos sus vídeos.

maria delgadillo April 26, 2017

The palette is everything. I can’t tell you how many times I have exclusively used it to do my whole face. From Brunch to work it’s perfect! Can’t wait to bring it with me to Jamaica next week.

Victoria April 26, 2017

Love this detailed tips list! Now I just have to buy every product!! (Hopefully my husband won’t find out) lol

Kimberly April 26, 2017

Great tips! Love watching your snaps and reading your blogs. The elcie foundation is by far my favorite ever! Would love to try the minimalist it’s gorgeous!

Carmen Arana April 26, 2017

Here from the Snapchat fam <3 Love all your products & can’t wait to see what you come out with next! hehe. Possibly mascara to fill in Step 7 with “use our Elcie mascara” ;)

Nanor Quzian April 26, 2017

Love your tips and artistry! I’ve been debating on my shade of foundation for so long!

Trish H April 26, 2017

Definitely want to try this so bad!! Thank you for all of your tips!!

Reem April 26, 2017

Great tips! You are amazing, Lilit!

Saniya April 26, 2017

Great tips! And I have to say, I really love the design of your blog! Classic, professional, luxurious!

Catherine Demers April 26, 2017

Purchased your Foundation in vanilla ! I’m obsessed with the finish !

Lisa April 26, 2017

I love your tips Lilit, they complete my day. I’ve been following you for a while and that’s one of my best decisions I have ever made. I love all your tips involving makeup and you inspire me to show off my makeup skills. A wish of mine is to attend one of your classes. Lilit you are such an expert in everything you do. Thank you, for all that you do. Kisses to Kat ❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️ -Colorado ?

Angelica Estrada April 26, 2017

I love the looks you create. The color combinations and the artistry is amazing They are always very effortless and simple gorgeous. I have been following your beauty tips and love them.

Anna Mkrtchyan April 26, 2017

Great tips, thank you for that. Ive been using the primer and i love it. Cant wait to get the minimalist ??

Veronica April 26, 2017

I have a question for you Lilit! What do you think about some people recommending to wait 15 to 20 minutes between applying moisturizer, then primer, then foundation? It sounds like a good plan but I don’t always have that much time in the mornings! Also would you recommend doing that with your Pearl Radiance Primer?

Great post! Thanks so much for the tips and rundown of the perfect brunch look!

Mary April 26, 2017

Lilit thank you so much for every single tip we have learned on snap from you #snapfam . I ‘ve already had the pleasure to try Elcie Cosmetics foundation and it is perfect, I love it so much. I hope I can get my hand on the Minimalist Pallet soon, because I’ve seen every single look you’vyou’ve created using that palette and let me tell you something I already know that palette is going to be an A+ . Love and kisses from a Snapchat family member that doesn’t miss a single snap ???❤❤❤

Nina April 26, 2017

Loved the tips and will definitely apply them! Haven’t tried the minimalist yet but would love to try it!

Narine April 26, 2017

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